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2004.06 Clouds and Aircrafts2004.06 Iliamna - Misc2004.06 Pebble Project People2004.06.01 Anchorage2004.06.01 Anchorage - Iliamna2004.06.02 Iliamna - Pebble Deposit2004.06.03 Midnight Pictures2004.06.06 Tundra Flowers2004.06.09 Wind and Clouds2004.06.11 Lakes and Mountains2004.06.12 Iliamna Lake Lodge2004.06.12 Remains of the Old Boat2004.06.17 Wethered Inn2004.06.18 The Bear2004.06.18 The Bear Is Coming To Town2004.06.19 Iliamna Lake Lodge2004.06.19 Lounge At Iliamna Lake Lodge2004.06.21 Newhalen River2004.06.21 Summer Solstice Beach Party2004.06.23 Last Day Pictures2004.06.24 AirportsIconostasJoanie Moses' Summer Solstice party 6-21